Our Last Song

I’m not big on goodbyes. I’m not big on saying them or writing about them. But I did manage to write a goodbye song for the children and the staff here at Sabina, which I played in our final concert today. The children were amazing in the concert. The only person who choked was me when I tried singing my goodbye song. As I said, I’m not big on goodbyes.

A few things to know if you listen, “welaba” means “goodbye” and “njagala” means “I love you”. It’s been an emotional night.

I recorded this with my phone and my ukulele. I have chosen to share it with you because the way I feel about these children, Sabina, and the people in this country, is too powerful to simply put into words. A little melody goes a long way.


4 thoughts on “Our Last Song

  1. Jose Rivera says:

    Dear Madeline … I’ve been following your blog adventures in Uganda, with a smile as you smile and with my heart breaking when your heart is swelling with love for the people you’re encountering and knowing. Perhaps the moment that most broke my heart was the image of little children using your discarded hair as their wigs and walking around with bottle caps instead of toys. We, in this country, just don’t know how much we have, how many treasures we throw away every day. Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed following your journey and seeing Uganda through your eyes and meeting your friends and students and imagining you trying to pee standing up. So many moments that will change you forever. When are you back in America? I’m in Brussels until tomorrow, then going back to NY for a few days, then going to Romania for two weeks. Somewhere, on some meridian, our paths will cross again. Jose

  2. (Non Auntie) Deborah says:

    Hi love, beautiful song by a beautiful voice! So perfect playing in the background as I caught up with your latest entries… very powerful reads and wish you could stay there longer as well…onto the next adventure though. Stay safe! xx

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